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Cordoba’s cuisine is the result of the fusion of three cultures that at some point in history lived in the city of Cordoba. Arabs, Jews and Christians left their mark in a kitchen characterized by the variety and sophistication of their products. Who has not ever heard of dishes such as gazpacho, oxtail or aubergine with honey? These are just some of the many delicious dishes that can be enjoyed in Cordoba, an Andalusian city not only famous for its mosque, but by the quality and originality of its cuisine. Taberna El Gallo, located next to our hotel, allows you to be part of history and learn first hand the Cordovan gastronomy. In our varied menu you will find Iberia’s most quality products like ham or goat cheese, as well as the best meats like Iberian pork and lamb chops. But if anything characterizes Cordoba’s bars and restaurants it is the culture of tapas. To do this, Taberna El Gallo offers the best tapas in the region, to share and enjoy the food in good company: Salmorejo, cogollos al ajillo, berenjenas con miel y adobo are some of our dishes.

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Villafranca de Córdoba

Villafranca is situated at the foot of Sierra Morena near the Guadalquivir river that divides their land in Sierra, Countryside, Vega, offering an ideal place for human occupation. Is 27 km. From the capital. The main means of communication is the Madrid-Cádiz motorway leaving the municipality in two runs, 1.6 km from the town. Villafranca is rich in history, but of the Muslim era not too much data from the villa are saved. The number of inhabitants of the village is about four thousand, continuously rising due to the transformation of the town into a bedroom community for many people in the capital. The economy of the town, although it is surrounded by crops in the countryside, olive groves and other agricultural holdings is based on the secondary and tertiary sector. Industries that are in the village are engaged in the manufacture of kitchen furniture, mainly. In the service sector Villafranca has diverse and numerous businesses such as bars, cafes, supermarkets and small shops … Villafranca Natural resources are plentiful. Apart from the mentioned area of Sierra Morena and the countryside, the natural setting of the ‘Fuente Agria’  it is where visitors can enjoy nature firsthand. Enjoy this unique environment […]

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